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Beginners Course


A detailed introduction to the fundamentals of yoga


Maybe you're brand new to yoga and want an introduction to the basics. Perhaps you've been practicing for a little while but you'd like a deeper understanding of the core principles. This six week course is ideal for anyone wanting to learn or revisit the fundamentals of yoga.


Perfect for complete beginners, the course is limited to a maximum of 15 students, to ensure that you recieve a high level of personal attention in developing your yoga practice.


The course builds week-by-week introducing you to basic yoga postures (asanas) and healthy alignment principles. It also emphasises the importance of a deep and relaxed breath, from which yoga practice unfolds. 


This course provides:

  • a steady and nurturing learning environment for new students

  • a forum for asking questions

  • an introduction to level one yoga postures

  • an introduction to basic principles of alignment and action

  • an opportunity to learn about the body and how to prevent injury 

  • an introduction to the breath

I'll be providing an introduction from which you may improve posture, refine breathing, tone and strengthen the body, improve flexibility and foster a greater ability to cope with stress.

This course serves as a safe foundation for you to go on and investigate the different styles of yoga.


Next Beginners Course to be announced soon.5



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