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Raising your vibration with a unique seasonal tuning

The summer solstice is upon us: June 21 is the longest day of 2019 in the Northern Hemisphere. During this midsummer time, the sun appears to stand still as it reaches its highest point, before moving off toward the horizon. This is an important moment to tune in and realign for us who dwell between heaven and earth.


On this special occasion Dao practitioner Slavo and I would like to invite you for a unique seasonal tuning with the movement, meditation and soundscape dedicated to summer’s readjustments of body, mind and spirit.

As the Yang Fire energy is reaching its peak during the summer solstice we want to be ready and make most out of this shift in vibrational field of nature.

Combining the science of yoga with the art of sound we will guide you through a series of movements designed to open us into the heart space and connect with the fire element within.

Solstice meditation will call for the deepest intention and to become more receptive physically, emotionally, and energetically to how the warmest season can help us to shine forth the internal vision.

At the culmination of this ceremony we will immerse ourselves in a 45 min long, healing ocean of sound waves generated by gongs, and other therapeutic instruments that will wash off any blockages on the physical and subtle level bringing us to the optimal frequency of healthy, and inner radiance.

Price: £35  (£30 earlybird until 14th June)

Where: triyoga Camden, Jamestown Road

When: 6-9pm, Friday June 21st

To book your place, visit or call 020 7428 8750

Summer Solstice Ceremony

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