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Vinyasa flow, meditation and conscious appreciation


Mindful gratitude is an act of radical self care. A fundamental ingredient for overall wellbeing, the simple act of feeling grateful can improve physical, emotional, and psychological health, while making us mentally, socially and energetically stronger. And since our thoughts and feelings are energy vibrations, attracting other energy vibrations that match in frequency (according to quantum theory) gratitude is essentially a key component for positive vibrational manifestation and abundance.

For safety and survival purposes, the human brain is built with a negative bias, making us more sensitive to 'bad news' than 'good news'. Because of this, it's easy to register what's going wrong, but harder to see what's going right. But over-riding the default with conscious appreciation can improve your quality of life massively.


In this workshop, we will work with a slow and deep vinyasa flow to honour and connect to body and breath; meditation to move into a gratitude mindset; and various mindfulness techniques to raise your vibration and resonate on a frequency of gratitude.

Open level

Price: £35

Where: Triyoga Soho, Kingly Court off Carnaby Street

When: 7.30-9.30pm on Saturday 14th November 2017

To book your place, visit the Triyoga website or call 020 7483 3384

An evening of mindful gratitude

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