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Establishing a home yoga practice 

Discover how to start and maintain your home practice with this insightful workshop


1. Disciplined approach to practice or learning
2. Dedication to an aim

3. from Sanskrit sādh for 'bring about'

Developing a home yoga practice can be daunting. Away from the peaceful atmosphere of the studio, and in the absence of a vigilant and encouraging teacher, an un-guided home practice is a very different experience. Autonomy can be overwhelming, finding time and motivation is often a challenge, and distractions tend to be rife in your own environment.  But a regular disciplined home practice is the ‘holy grail’ for the advanced yogi. So where to begin?


In this 3 hour workshop, we will delve into the makings of a successful home practice – including:

  • Building your sadhana, exploring the many aspects of a yoga practice – from asana and pranayama, to mantra, chanting and meditation – and deciding what is right for you

  • Inspiration, sequencing and safety of your asana self-practice

  • Intuitive practice – responding to the needs of your body, heart, mind and soul

  • Developing discipline and focus, avoiding distractions

  • Scheduling dedicated time and creating a sacred space for your practice

  • Practicing Patanjali’s 8 limbs off the mat – how to extend your yoga practice into your day, your life and the world.

  • Yoga should not be left on the mat at the studio. Join us for this rewarding and insightful workshop, and learn how to bring your yoga home.


Open to all levels, focused at practitioners keen on starting or deepening a home practice

Price: £35

Where: Down to Earth, 129 Fortess Rd, Tuffnell Park, London NW5 2HR

When: 3-6 pm on Sunday 29th April 2018

To book your place, visit the Down to Earth website or call 020 7483 3384

Coming Home

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