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Honouring the natural rhythm of your body, connecting consciousness to experience

Source of life. Vehicle of pranic energy. Mind-body bridge. Anchor to present moment. The importance of our breath extends well beyond the physical experience, and into the psychological, emotional, energetic and spiritual realms. 


In this 2 hour workshop, we'll explore the magic of our divine breath, and its significance within our yoga and meditation practice

Come and cultivate an intimate relationship with your breath through meditative breathing techniques for calming, grounding, and mindfully inhabiting the body and present moment. 


Bring the connection to life with a deep and slow vinyasa flow, guided by the rhythm of the breath and inspired by its qualities: elegant and graceful, fluid and powerful, full and free

All levels welcome

Price: £25

Where: Triyoga Soho, Kingly Court off Carnaby Street

When: 7.30-9.30pm on Friday 20th April 2018

To book your place, visit the triyoga website or call 020 7483 3384

Guided by the breath

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